That Girl with the Pen

Treat people as if this were your last day on earth.

Anyone seeing me over the last one week would have been forgiven if they conclusively decided that I was on some sort of tranquilizers.


And you wouldn’t be far from the truth. For I was.


The worst sort. Propagated to each one of us through friends on Facebook and various social media. Oh yes.


My foolishness began when I received a forwarded message “Treat people as if this were your last day on earth. How would you like them to remember you? Have you told them you love them?”


In retrospect, I think I did take the message too literally.


Which started me on the course that I was rolling on, telling everyone that I loved them.


Posting niceties on Facebook so that if indeed this were my last day, you would remember me by a final piece of inspiration.


Ok, scratch that. I couldn’t post anything. I was gripped and handicapped by the mania of “last day on earth”.


Tiffany broke a glass, my first instinct was to yell a profanity. Then gripped by the last day on earth, I hugged her and said “Oh I love you so much”. Sensing my newfound softness, she sinned even more, and each time I loved her more.


Everyone around me of course picked up on the vibe I was giving off. They could see the angelic look on my face.


Suffice it to say, I got really soft living my “last day on earth”.


The final straw, let’s call it the straw that didn’t break the camel’s back but woke the camel up, rather rudely I might add, happened when there was someone knocking on our door, Tiffany was in the living room, I was in the bedroom and she was yelling at me to come get the door.


I snapped. Snapped at her, snapped back into my senses and snapped out of my last day on earth.


Well…I am back…


Don’t be forwarding me those crippling messages…


Tomorrow, I go for retail therapy to heal. Dan had better get his credit card out. Hey, who knows, it could be my last day. I want to go peacefully. And you know how us women are peaceful after a little retail therapy, right?


It could just be my last day…

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